Veteran Project Oversight

Our Leadership has been in the trenches for hundreds of thousands of hours of audio post deployment


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recruit audio troops?

Simply tell us about the scope of your project by filling out this form. You'll then be prompted to book a call with a member from our team to answer any questions you have and begin the onboarding process.

How soon can I expect to get started?

After onboarding, our clients will typically see activity within the first week of an active campaign. Based on your specific project this time may vary.

Is this actually "Audio Outsourcing"?

Yes! We are truly providing a completely done for you service with the exception of an intake form that we will need you to fill out upon onboarding.

How do I know this will work for my business?

After working with various verticals from reality television, video games, live-action film and animation, you can rest assured that you are spending your dollars wisely with our program.

Do the Audio Troops work outside of the USA?

Yes! After filling out your information on our form, one of our team members will assess if the account is one that qualifies to work with AT.

Send Us Your Project Details And Recruit Your Troops