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  • Code Name: Thump


    Mixer | Music Composer | Sound Designer

    An audio production specialist in sound/musical editing and mixer as well as tracking, sound design, and production.

    Frequently, he's been spotted playing live in Wicker Park and Korea Town at the Double Door, Elbo Room, Project .44 and Worm.

  • Code Name: Osiginon


    Sound Designer | Music Composer

    Veteran Audio Artist in Video Games, Film and Commercial Projects.

    Early in his life, He got his hands on a guitar. Then a keyboard. A tape-recorder. A mandolin. A 4-track. A synthesizer. And finally...a computer.

  • Code Name: Markman


    Music Composer | Producer | Audio Engineer

    Miami-based, ***** holds a M.A degree in Music Production obtained in Madrid, Spain. 

    His skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, conducting, piano/keys, drums, bass, guitars, vocal/recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.

  • Code Name: Feli

    Sound Designer | Editor And Mixer | Pro Tools

    Sound technician from the Technological University of Chile Inacap with a Master's Degree in Sound Post production from The School of New Technologies CICE in Madrid.

    Avid Pro Tools Certified Operator for post, with experience in sound design, editing, and mixing for films, TV shows, advertising and digital content.

  • Code Name: 0rion


    Music Composer | Recording Engineer | Music Producer

    ***** is an Audio Engineer, Composer, and Music Producer from Andrews NC. He started learning his craft at 15 in Florida where he began working live sound almost immediately.

    He's always working on projects and recordings for clients, and he's excited to share the knowledge that he's gained from his experiences.

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Young, old, and in-between: The Audio Troops consists of the most talented artists from around the world who have demonstrated outstanding gallantry during battle.

With years of tried and tested musicianship, exemplary design and bulletproof willpower, The Audio Troops never fail to impress.

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